Boost Ongoing Contributions

Offertory Appeals

A healthy, vital church thrives on its members’ generosity of spirit. Never has there been a more important – and challenging – time to engage your congregation in giving to meet growing financial demands and expanded services.

Cornerstone Fundraising uses creative, tailored approaches to encourage and inspire your congregation to increase its offerings to support ongoing operations and ministry work. Through a combination of mailings, appeals at services and o n-site counsel, our experts have helped parishes boost their weekly revenue in six weeks, sometimes two-fold.

Annual Appeals

Refresh Your Appeal for Better Results. It is never too early to start planning your next Annual Appeal. One of the best ways to motivate people to increase their giving or contribute to a cause is to show them how their dollars can make a difference. Cornerstone offers time-tested approaches to tell your story and tailor your appeals to the unique needs of your community.

Contact us today for your free information session. We will sit with you, your board or finance committee to assess your needs and offer at least three ways you can boost your fundraising and get your appeal off to a fresh start.

  • Appeals at Mass
  • Guidelines for giving
  • Materials developed and mailed to all parishioners
  • Easy-to-use online giving