Capital Campaigns

Enlist Early Support. Build Momentum

Often 30 percent or more of a successful campaign is raised through a small, select group of donors. One of the greatest challenges for leaders and volunteers is talking to donors about contributions in a way that is inspiring, comfortable and moves them toward a contribution to your ministry and mission. Cornerstone Fundraising works closely with you to meet and talk with top prospects, easing the way to ask for and gain their support. Securing these gifts early gives the campaign needed momentum.

Cornerstone Fundraising successfully combines solicitation of lead gifts with the broad support and participation of the wider community. A special mailing reaches out to all members, inviting them to participate. Community-wide receptions and small gatherings bring people together to review project plans, learn about the pledge process and encourage contributions.

The concept of “equal sacrifice, not equal giving” is explained so that everyone can participate in supporting your mission and ministry to the best of their ability.

  • Personal visits with top prospects
  • Solicitation of major gifts
  • Inaugural reception for top donors
  • Community wide gatherings and receptions with active parishioners
  • Guidelines for giving
  • Professionally designed campaign brochure
  • General receptions after Mass for all members
  • Complete design and production of all campaign materials and presentations
  • Easy online giving