Planning Studies

Plan and Prepare the Way

The key to any successful appeal is in the planning. Most appeals start with a four- to six-week planning study. This “campaign readiness” effort will help you get clear about your needs and goals, identify your major supporters, refine the case for support, and assemble a leadership team to direct the campaign.

As an objective third party, Cornerstone Fundraising meets with organization leaders, members and other constituencies — individually and in groups — to talk openly about what’s needed and why, gain their ideas and address their concerns, and enlist their support and commitment. We take special care to ensure that community members understand and support the cause, feel a part of the process, and know how they can contribute before you even get started. As a result, you will be equipped to move forward together with confidence and realistic expectations.

  • Dialogue with clergy and parish leaders
  • In-depth interviews with key supporters
  • Interactive focus groups with parish members
  • A list of top prospective donors and best opportunities for support
  • Comprehensive prospect research
  • Evaluation of parish census records and financial history
  • Online and mailed questionnaire seeking input from all members
  • Goals, tailored strategy and resources needed to move forward
  • Detailed summary and discussion of findings